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Things To Do In Sikkim Sikkim Attractions Trekking Guide

Things To Do In Sikkim Sikkim Attractions Trekking Guide

You will undoubtedly be surprised at how many things there are to do in such a small place. It would therefore be advisable to plan ahead to leave you plenty of time to enjoy all the attractions offered. Tourists often come here to trek Kanchenjunga, but there is so much more Sikkim has to offer.

Things To Do in Sikkim Sikkim  Mountain

Phur Tsa Chu located on the bank of the Rangeet River sports a hot spring where many pilgrims come between January and March. An ideal spot for a picnic or a satisfying swim, Phur Tsa Chu is only an half an hours drive from Legship.

Tsomgo Lake is another water feature of Sikkim. Meaning “source of the Lake”, this tranquil lake is a spectacular sight all year round. In winter it freezes over while in the summer months it becomes surrounded by flowers and becomes a prime spot for the Red Panda and many bird species. Note that to visit the Lake you must obtain a permit and therefore must be in a group of two or more.

If tea is a passion, definitely visit the Temi Tea Garden. Known on the international market for its quality and distinctive taste, the tea garden is a lovely place to get a sense of the culture surrounded by nature.

For those wanting a bit of a spiritual or religious adventure, wonder to the 200 year old Enchey Monastery. If you are around when they perform the masked dance (usually in January), be sure to have a look over the two day period.

With so many National Parks and Sanctuaries in the area, it would be a mistake not to take the time to wonder through the rich flora and fauna. Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary, Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary and the Kanchenjunga National Park are only some of the parks available to be explored.

Moving on to satisfy those adventure seekers among us, try your hand at river rafting, kayaking, mountaineering, hang gliding or even yak riding!

Basically, there is something for everyone in Sikkim and is high becoming a popular tourist destination offering a holiday of discovery and adventure. Remember that some of the treks can take several days and is a good idea to book a tour in advance to get the most out of it.

Furthermore, try to co ordinate your trip with the multiple festivals celebrated as they really bring to life the vibrant culture of these areas.