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Varanasi Flights Guide to Varanasi Travel and Cheap Flights

Varanasi Flights Guide to Varanasi Travel and Cheap Flights

Varanasi Flights

Getting to Varanasi can be done by many modes of transport, the easiest being by air. Varanasi has two relatively close airports, the Babatpur Airport which is closest at approximately 20km distance from the city and then Allahabad which is a good 120km away. Therefore most opt for the Babatpur Airport because of its handy location.

Although you cannot get direct flights from the UK to Varanasi, it is well connected with other major cities. Most choose to fly direct into Mumbai or Delhi then take a domestic flight over to Varanasi. Indian Airlines services most domestic destinations while Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines both have several flights to different centres daily.

One landed, the best way to get from the airport into the city is to locate a pre paid taxi stand, usually easy to spot on your way out of the airport. These will often take you out to the edge of the Old City where you can then negotiate for an auto rickshaw to take you to your hotel or other accommodation.

If you are travelling domestically, Varanasi is also well connected by bus and train. If you are travelling from places like Delhi, Kolkata or Mumbai, the trains can be an easy route and can prove to be highly enjoyable for those keen to some more of India’s landscape. Varanasi Junction is one of the city’s major railway stations found in the centre of the city while Mughal Sari Junction is a bit further out east of the city