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Varanasi Things To Do Guide to Travel, Ganges, Temples Ghats

Varanasi Things To Do Guide to Travel, Ganges, Temples Ghats

Varanasi Things To Do Varanasi Temple Painting 

The ghats provide visitors not only with an insight into the culture and spiritual nature of the River Ganges, but also a genuinely fascinating sight from dawn to dusk. The ghats change with the sun, making them brilliantly photogenic and something that you will surely take with you past your period of travel. They are a spiritually enlightening spot where everything from birth to death is celebrated.

Funeral processions can be observed making their way to Varanasi’s main ghat, Manikarnika, while hundreds show their respect and pray at the river. To view the ghats at their most beautiful, wonder down in the glowing morning light and take a boat ride along the river to see the pilgrims perform puja, a respectful prayer offering to the sun, though be wary that you might see a burning corpse at Harishchandra en route. The ghats are also spectacular at dusk when the last of the sun is sweeping over the city.

If organising a river trip, be sure to deal directly with the boatman instead of booking through your hotel or guesthouse as it is likely to be much cheaper.

Another great Varanasi sight is the Ramnagar Fort. Built in the 17th Century, the Fort and Palace show their age but are still as impressive as ever housing a fantastic and slightly eccentric museum within.

Other things to do in Varanasi include visiting the Chandraprabha Sanctuary which can be found to the southeast of the city. It can be a very romantic setting with numerous picnic spots amongst the dense forests and magnificent waterfalls. The Sanctuary is very popular amongst tourists in the peak season when the weather is at its best.

Lastly, Varanasi city is well known for its silk, so be sure to wonder the markets and shops for the famous Benarasi sari.

From engaging with the River Ganges rituals and traditions to roaming the large Fort and scouring the markets for silk, Varanasi is a place that will almost certainly stick with you for a lifetime. Find the best time of year to explore the spirituality of this wonderful city of Uttar Pradesh.