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West India Holiday Guide to West India Tourism

West India Holiday Guide to West India Tourism

The journey to Indian independence caused West India to experience an immense disturbance throughout the region. This area encompasses Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra. With independence of the subcontinent starting in 1947, West India has struggled through to come out on top with the quality of life increasing, the majority of residents with electricity and over half with televisions. With agriculture playing an important role in the region’s economy, most people have jobs in this sector. Others work in the service industry while also making up the largest portion of GDP in the area.

West India  Maharashtra Temple

The landscape is one of predominantly semi arid to arid while the weather stays similarly unchanging with warm to hot temperatures. Temperatures generally range from 20°C to 38°C but vary more inland where it gets a fair bit cooler during the winter seasons.

West India is known for its diverse and distinct cultures. Different states have been influenced by varying other communities creating the assorted mix. The Portuguese influenced aspects of Goa including the architecture and cuisine stemming from the hundreds of years of Portuguese rule. Maharashtrian has been influenced from the rule of the Maratha Empire as well as the colonial rule of the British.

Overlooking the Arabian Sea is the western state of Maharashtra. The unique mix of traditional and modern elements is reflected it its rich culture and traditions. With a string of tourist attractions tourists flock to the west. With Mumbai as its metropolitan capital and the historical monuments of the Elephanta Caves and the Aga Khan Palace, Maharashtra is a grand mix of the old and the new. More… (link to Maharashtra)

Another main state is Goa, known for its scenic charisma. The lengths of golden sand beaches and magnificent churches and temples are just some of the reasons Goa is a favourite vacation spot. More… (link to Goa)

Similar to Goa, Gujarat’s pride is predominantly its spectacular coastline, flaunting India’s longest coastline at 1290km in length. Again, its cultural heritage occupies its visitors with temples and its many historic sites along with its beautiful parks and sanctuaries. More… (link to Gujarat page)

So whether you are planning a wildlife adventure, a relaxing beach holiday, a city escape or a purely tourist journey, West India has a lot to offer.