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Women Travelling In India – Travel Tips for Women Travelling to India

Women Travelling In India Travel Tips for Women Travelling to India

Being a conservative society, some of the norms of western society are considered culturally insensitive and inappropriate in India. Unfortunately by the actions of some foreigners, there is a preconceived notion that all foreigners act this way in general. Consequently sexual harassment has taunted some women tourists. However it isn’t something you should really be too paranoid of as staring is usually as far as it goes. In some unfortunate cases it has gone further, with men following foreign women or groping, but there are ways to help prevent things like this from happening.

Women Travelling in India Indian Women

This is a guide with some India women travel tips, especially those travelling alone or with other females. They mainly apply to younger women but can be useful to all. However before we continue, keep in mind that India isn’t full of men ready to pounce, they are a small minority but it is worth knowing about and understanding ways to help perturb them.

1. Try not to return any males stares as this may give them the wrong idea, remember you are in another culture and gestures and expressions may be interpreted differently here.

2. Avoid travelling in the Delhi Metro especially if travelling alone or at night. It is a packed mode of transport and known for the wondering hand and close body contact which is often hard to prove the intentionality.

3. Make sure you dress appropriately and conservatively. There is a lot of cultural prejudice within the community of less sophisticated locals who have no travelling experience and the only knowledge of western culture is what they see on the television. Unfortunately the programs Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives don’t help much as when the locals see a westerner in skimpy clothing they instinctively think they’ll act like the television actresses. So generally long pants covering your legs and baggy shirts will help you blend in.

4. For any blondes out there travelling to India, your trip has just been made harder for the fact that you will stick out like sore thumb. Staring from the locals might just make your travels a tad more challenging.

So when you travel to India, keep these India travel tips for women in mind as to avoid uncomfortable situations and keep safe.