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There is no shortage of places in Italy for you to rest your head after a busy day spent sightseeing. Accommodation can range from the sublime to the ridiculous, with pricing to match. Whether you're after five star luxury, a rented villa in the hills, a hostel bed or anything in between you'll always find somewhere to stay it's just a matter of deciding what you want and how much you want to spend.

You will generally get what you pay for when it comes to Italian hotels, and the quality of accommodation does vary a great deal. A one star hotel will be extremely basic and may not always have a private bathroom, but will be easy on your pocket. Three star rooms should be up to a pretty decent standard of quality and cleanliness and will be priced accordingly; and with a four or five star room, you can expect room service, regular maid services, and laundry taken care of as well as impressive interiors and views...but at a price.

With about 40,000 hotels throughout Italy, tourists have a wide variety of choice. Rates should be fixed with the country's Provincial Tourist Board. All inclusive room rates should provide for taxes, service, heating or air conditioning but there may be a Value Added Tax (or IVA) of an additional 10% added to the bill, so be sure to check with the hotel about this before you book.

Naturally hotel rooms are more expensive in busy tourist periods, like over the summer months, and less expensive in low periods November to March in the main cities and towns, and April May and September November in ski resorts. Prices are highest in major tourist destinations and in larger cities Venice is renowned for being extremely expensive accommodation wise even during low season.

If you're interested in rented accommodation for your stay in Italy, there are a number of websites dedicated specifically to renting property to holidaymakers. With a bit of research you'll be able to find everything from a Roman apartment to a Tuscan villa, as well as self catering cottages, farmhouses and even castles out in the country.

Houses are usually displayed in sets of several photos which give you an opportunity to examine them in quite close detail. You'll also receive information on their locations in relation to the nearest towns, how many the place can sleep, comprehensive descriptions of interiors and exteriors, and reviews by previous customers nirvana for the daydreaming real estate enthusiast.

All these properties have rental conditions attached which are usually pretty straightforward with regards to the required deposit and the terms of payment.