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The London Dungeon is, as its name suggests, one of the city's more sinister attractions.

The crypts of the Dungeon lie far beneath the busy streets of London and are filled with historical depictions of torture and misery. Horrific scenes seem to spring to life as waxworks and plaster figures go about their bloody business in the dim light of the Dungeon.

You can experience what it was like to suffer through the Great Fire of London and get up close and personal with Jack the Ripper himself; witness an early surgical procedure and the beheading of Louis XIV or step over the rats as they nibble at your toe it's all part of the Dungeon experience. There's even a boat ride into hell for those who are able to pluck up the courage to climb aboard.

The London Dungeon is situated on Tooley Street and is accessible via numerous underground stations including London Bridge, Monument, Cannon Street and Tower Hill. London Bridge station is less than 100 metres from the museum, while Monument/Bank station is equally as close.

The museum is open daily from 10.30 am and closes at 5pm during the winter months and 5.30pm in the summer. To properly experience what the Dungeon has to offer takes between a few hours to half a day. Adult tickets cost £13 while children's tickets cost under £ 10. Children under five get in for free and special concessions apply students, pensioners, disabled individuals and groups of ten or more. As exhibitions and figures are so realistic, the London Dungeon is not recommended for children under three years old and under 15's must be accompanied by an adult. Those who are nervous or faint hearted enter at their own peril.

For more information, visit the Dungeons website, which on its own is a distinctly unique experience.