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The London entertainment scene is a melting pot of cultures from all over the world and the city is positively buzzing with pubs, clubs and restaurants. While it is possible to have a traditional English evening out should you desire one, it is just as easy to experience a taste of Europe or Asia. The following are just a few suggestions on where to go to experience London dining and entertainment at its best.

A romantic evening in Soho

Drinks/ Pubs: The Kingly Club, Kingly Court Soho

The Kingly Club is a small, elite club situated in Kingly Court in Soho. The décor is superb featuring large leather couches, intimate booths and walls lined with marine fish tanks. Sit back and enjoy a cocktail or glass of champagne while you nibble on a beautifully presented plate of sushi.

Tel: 020 7287 9100

Dinner: L'Escargot Marco Pierre White, Greek Court Soho

L'Escargot is well known for being one of the top restaurants in London and is perfect for an intimate night out. Both the downstairs restaurant and the upstairs Picasso Room are impeccably decorated and restaurant staff is professional and unobtrusive. The menu is extensive and the food sumptuous and well priced. Keep some room for the Trois dessert au chocolat which is nothing short of heavenly.

Tel: 0871 223 8028

An evening with character in Wimbledon

Dinner: Al Forno, Kings Road Wimbledon

The Italians are know for being passionate both food and life, and Al Forno is a testament to this attitude. The waiters are lively and amusing and the surroundings are warm and relaxed. The food is delicious and if you're a salad fan the barbeque chicken salad is a must. Beware of the pizzas though the medium size is large enough to feed an entire army so stick to small if you're not ravenous!

Tel: 020 8540 5710

Drinks: Bar Sia, The Broadway Wimbledon

Set in a building that previously housed Wimbledon's Turkish baths, Bar Sia is a definitely a bar with a difference. From the maze like tiled basement to the bright and retro upstairs area, the bar shouts atmosphere from the moment that you walk in the door. Keep an eye out for the cosmopolitan cocktails and unusual bar snacks.

Tel: 020 8540 8339

A luxury evening in Mayfair

Drinks: Claridge's Bar, Brook Street Mayfair

Claridge's Bar is the ideal place to have a tranquil pre dinner drink. This classic bar is situated in the magnificent Claridge Hotel. Large leather stalls, a sparkling ceiling chandelier and soft classical music give the bar a timeless feel and attentive staff attend to your every need. A wide variety of cocktails are available in addition to the extensive range of wines and spirits. If you can, be utterly indulgent and treat yourself to a glass of expensive champagne or two.

Tel: 020 7629 8860

Dinner: The Ritz, Piccadilly Mayfair

London's entertainment scene doesn't get much more posh. If you really want to splash out while in London, dinner at the Ritz is a unique experience that you are likely to remember for the rest of your life. From the melodious piano music to the tiny spoons of Beluga caviar and the chocolate parfait at the Ritz you really do feel as though you have been promoted to a position of royalty. Whether you are going for lunch, dinner or a drink, bookings need to be made at least a week or two in advance and the Ritz has a strict dress code, so don't make the mistake of thinking you can get in without wearing a tie and jacket.

Tel: 0871 223 8073

London Entertainment: A budget evening in Clapham Junction

Drinks: Boom Bar, St Johns Hill Battersea

Boom Bar is a stylish bar situated on St John's Hill in Clapham Junction. Bar staff are attentive and friendly and drinks are reasonable compared to other bars in the area. Keep an eye out for the leather sofas which are so comfortable that you feel as though you could sink into them and relax for the rest of eternity.

Tel: 020 7924 3449

Dinner: Turnham Green Thai, Turnham Green Terrace

The Turnham Green Thai Café is well known for providing some of the tastiest dishes in London at a fraction of the price of many other Thai restaurants. The restaurant is tiny and the décor is slightly gaudy, but it's all part of the experience and the tasty dishes more than compensate for both these downfalls. An additional bonus is that the restaurant permits you to bring along your own drinks which cuts costs even more.

Tel: 020 8994 3839