Cheap Flights to Madrid Consumer Insight

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Despite the fact that the 21st century is already well underway most of us still have an ambivalent relationship with technology, but love it or hate it; there’s no denying that the Internet has changed the face of European air travel. Thanks to the ongoing e boom it’s never been easier to find cheap flights to Madrid and if you’re happy to shop around you can find some serious bargains.

Online travel agents have a number of competitive advantages over their high street rivals, which allow them to pass savings on to their customers. They’re also fishing for business in a much larger pond, which means that if they want to survive; they must be financially lean. However, it was the arrival of the first no frills airlines that heralded the real changes. Suddenly the established airlines were forced to cut prices in order to compete with this new breed of budget carrier. Today most people looking for cheap flights go straight for the no frills carriers, but it’s best to forget any preconceived notions about who is and who isn’t cheap, and you may well be surprised at where you find the best deals.

Both national carriers (British Airways and Iberia) operate daily flights between London and Madrid, as does the budget airline Easyjet. Flights arrive at Madrid’s Barajas International Airport, which is conveniently located 15km form the city centre. There are frequent rail links into the capital and taxis queue up outside the arrivals terminal. The closest that Ryanair flies is to the bustling city of Valladolid, 160km to the north east of Madrid.

If you aren’t having much luck finding a cheap flight online it may be worth returning to more familiar hunting grounds. The web still only accounts for a fraction of the industry and it’s impossible to ignore the phenomenal buying power wielded by high street travel agents. If you’re after a late deal Teletext is a good starting point and if you’re a phone person; you’ll find plenty of numbers in the back pages of the Sunday travel supplements.