Renting an Apartment in Majorca Mallorca Travel Spain

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The golden rule when renting an apartment is to ask lots of questions and read between the lines. Properties are always described in a way to make them sound as appealing as possible. However, the truth will only emerge once you've reached your destination. Buzzy could translate as noisy, comfortable as basic, cosy as small and action packed as an area frequented by drunken teenagers on their first trip away without the parents. Which is fine, if that's what you're looking for, but it helps to know the facts before renting apartments.   

It may be set on the beach with idyllic views across the marina, but if it's above one of the town's most popular biker bars or the downstairs' restaurant doubles as a nightclub, then you might not get the tranquil break you'd envisioned. Of course there are exceptions, but most have woken up to the potential of renting apartments in Majorca. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Book through a reputable agency to minimise the risks.  

Hidden costs are there extra charges for Saturday stopovers, transport, the 'complimentary' introductory dinner at the home of your host?  

Longer lets in Majorca  

When answering advertisements seen in the local press, ask as many questions as possible over the phone. The property described may be gorgeous but non existent, placed to attract potential clients that can be steered in the direction of other, harder to shift, apartments.  

Make sure to read all the small print in your contract. Some landlords insert terms that bind the tenant to paying the annual charges levied by the property owners' collective for the block or the property tax (impuesto sobre bienes inmuebles or IBI), which can be substantial.  

In Majorca, the tenant is responsible for minor repairs and basic maintenance for the property they rent. So, if a window breaks or the walls need repainting, it's you that'll have to cough up, not the landlord.

Make sure that, before you move in, an inventory and record of the state of the premises is completed to ensure that, should you choose to leave, unwarranted extra charges cannot be mounted against you. A video recording, if you can access the technology to film it, is also a great way of verifying the inventory.