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Viva Mallorca! One Mallorcan Autumn – Peter Kerr

Publisher: Lyons Press, 2005

This is the third book in a trilogy which details Peter Kerr’s experiences of moving his family to Majorca from Scotland, where they grow oranges for a living. The book presents Kerr’s spin on scratching out a living, the new neighbours and adapting to village life on one of Britain’s most beloved Mediterranean islands.

Walking in Mallorca – June Parker

Publisher: Cicerone Press, 2001

Parker has put together a comprehensive guide to the island’s walking trails as well as seasonal weather advice and information on native flora and fauna. Find out what sort of equipment and clothing you’ll need, and how to make the most of getting amongst Majorca’s natural beauty.

German Paradise Mallorca: A Funny Telling – Martin von Muenchen

Publisher: Hermit Kingdom Press, 2004

Martin von Muenchen puts a uniquely German perspective on Majorca, an extremely popular holiday hotspot for his countrymen. It’s a hilarious and informative read.

Moving to Majorca – Robert Burgess

Publisher: Writers Club Press, 2000

American writer Robert Burgess tells the tale of a journey he and his wife made from Switzerland to Majorca via Italy, France and the Spanish mainland on a scooter in the early 1950s. Mr and Mr Burgess made it to Majorca and set up house for the summer in a time when the island wasn’t yet a popular holiday destination.

Majorca: The Art of Living – Solvi Dos Santos Lanning Aldrich

Publisher: Stewart, Tabori Chang, 1998

Photographer Solvi Dos Santos and writer Lanning Aldrich take the reader inside 30 sumptuous, and previously secretive, Majorcan houses. Soak in the island’s architecture, uniquely influenced by hundreds of years of invasions from Greek, Roman and Moorish tribes.


Mallorca Farmhouses (

Majorcan holiday house rental is made easy by this British based site, renting out farmhouses, villas and apartments. Browsing couldn’t be easier – each property boasts an elaborate photo gallery so the place is visible from every possible angle. You’ll also find a lengthy list of all features in the property, from distances to the nearest tennis court or golf course to how often you can expect the maid to come. You can also take virtual tours if you have QuickTime player installed on your PC.

Tour Spain (

The official website for Spanish tourism is slick, attractive and packed with heaps of information. Within a couple of clicks you’ll have everything you need on Majorca and the other Balearic islands at your fingertips. Here you’ll find out about Majorca’s unique cuisine (and dishes they recommend you try), and information on the island’s beaches, sports facilities, monuments, museums, and places to soak in arts and culture.

Mallorca Market (http://www.mallorca market.comhttp://www.mallorca

If you’re feeling peckish after whiling away your days under the Majorcan sun, this site has some great information on the island’s restaurants.

Mallorca Online (

This is a host site with a wealth of information on Majorca and the other Balearic islands. There are real estate listings for hiring and purchase, and contact information for almost everyone you could need to get in touch with on your holiday. Golf courses, boat charters, bike hire, tennis, horse riding – it’s all there.

History of Majorca ( of majorca.asp of majorca.asp)

It’s not just sunshine and paella out here, you know. This page details the history of the Spanish island from ancient conquerors through Spanish imperialism to the idyllic Mediterranean island it is today.