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The good news is that there are plenty of flights to Palma from the UK. Majorca is the most popular tourist destination in the world for holidaying Britons, and as many as 20 airports around the UK have direct flights to its capital. Son Sant Joan airport, lying eight kilometres to the east of Palma is the only airport on the island.

There are three main options to consider when working out how to fly to Palma: package deals, chartered flights you book yourself and scheduled flights.

Package deals tend to make the most sense financially, because you are able to take advantage of the savings offered to the tour operators when they make bulk bookings. In fact, the deals can be so good that some tourists buying flights to Palma, but arranging their own accommodation, will still buy packages because the overall price is less than that for a stand alone flight.

Charter flights to Palma are restrictive, usually requiring you to leave on a Saturday and at some unearthly hour and return seven or 14 days later. The flights themselves will offer little by way of comfort and leg room, but because the journey from the UK only takes between two and three hours, this is not generally an issue.

Prices on all flights are sensitive to the time of year (high/low season, school holidays etc) and even the time of day that you are departing.

For late deals on flights to Palma you should consult all of the sites listed above, which might contain details of last minute fares, as well as the bucket shops such as Trailfinders ( and STA Travel (, and late specialists like