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Hotels in Majorca range from the international luxury of the likes of La Residencia and Hotel Formentor, and the chic, boutique flavour of Palma's latest mansion conversions, to the more standard, boxier offerings in the main tourist resorts.

Hotels are graded from one to five stars, with criteria similar to those used in the UK. Some five star hotels warrant an extra designation 'Gran Lujo' (Great Luxury) if they have even more facilities. All new hotels built in the Balearics must be three stars or above, and British tour operators tend to book hotels of this level.

It's worth remembering, however, that stars are all about facilities, not atmosphere. You could have a far better stay at a three star hotel with friendly staff and a good location than at a self satisfied deluxe complex which forgets to offer customer service. If you want to hear what other travellers thought of hotels in Majorca you should look at or

There is no rule about which star rating provides a swimming pool. At five stars, you can expect a pool, but at four stars there is no guarantee. If concerned, you should always check the facilities of a specific hotel.

In a one star hotel you will probably have an en suite shower, but facilities will not necessarily be any better than in a three star hostal. ('Hostal' is the rating below 'hotel' in the Spanish system. Hostals are often older than hotels and are traditionally aimed at budget travellers.) Two star hotels in Majorca will be more conventionally hotel like. You might have a minibar; you might have air conditioning.

Hotel food varies enormously. Establishments designated 'Residencia', with an 'R' on their signs, serve only breakfast. Others have deeply impressive restaurants that can get crowded with local cognoscenti. If you are staying on an all inclusive package, this will usually take the form of buffet breakfasts, lunches and suppers sometimes including alcohol. The variety and freshness of what is on offer varies hugely.

Some hotels in Majorca are adult oriented, but at others there will be kids' clubs which can look after children and allow parents some time to themselves. The resort hotels will generally provide day and evening entertainments for children and adults alike, be it excursions, quizzes, karaoke or film nights.