Last Minute Holidays Majorca 10 Easy Steps Mallorca

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1. Manage your expectations. At two weeks' notice in mid July you may not find anything suitable. You may not even find anything on Majorca. But when you do find something, you can assume that you will have paid less than the people in the room next door.

2. Be flexible about the day of your departure. Most last minute holidays to Majorca are packages, and you should assume you will leave on a Saturday. However, allowing a few days either side could make all the difference, especially if you are creating your own holiday and will be staying in hotels.

3. Look into alternative places of departure and examine the options for holidays starting from airports outside your immediate region.

4. Do not expect to name your resort. If you have spent all year dreaming of a trip to Cala d'Or, don't assume you will be able to go there. With last minute bookings your holiday is determined by where the spaces are.

5. Do not expect to name your style of holiday. If you find something suitable in the lists of last minute holidays to Majorca, you may have no choice about catering. Price will obviously be a factor, but the best deals could be any one of a hotel/ self catering/ all inclusive nature.

6. Go to town. It might seem a rather dated method, but the high street and the windows of the travel agents offers some of the best deals. Also, talking to somebody face to face might assuage your doubts about why the holiday is still for sale a few days before its starting date.

7. Read the papers, especially on Sundays, where you can usually find a range of adverts for last minute holidays to Majorca from airlines, travel agents, tour operators and accommodation providers.

8. Go to the tour operator websites Thomson (, First Choice (, Thomas Cook (, Cosmos (www.cosmos etc and look at their last minute holidays to Majorca.

9. Check out the last minute specialists, such as and, and the room specialists, such as

10. In low season, once you have secured a flight, you could just to head to Majorca and sort out your accommodation once you have arrived.