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The first 6,000 years of human inhabitation of the island had less effect on the landscape than the most recent 40. The explosion of tourist development on Majorca in the 1960s deposited concrete over large swathes of the coastline, surrounding many of the 76 beaches and trampling the native culture underfoot. It is only in recent years that some effort has been made to cut back on rampant building and turn the island's tourist future away from the excesses of cut price holiday making.

Yet in some ways, Majorca's excesses, which go so far towards creating the island's stereotype, actually count for little in their effect on island life. The resorts are flung out on the coast, with the noisiest in the south west and the east, and to many Majorcan natives they are an irrelevance.

Life in the centre, life in the south, life even in Palma, still runs at its own pace. You're not going to discover some area of untouched beauty the picturesque towns of the Serra de Tramuntana are particularly popular with expatriates but you will be able to sit back with a glass of local wine in a café looking out over a square and a church, and appreciate that you are somewhere quite wonderfully different from the UK.

This website aims to show some small portion of what Majorca has to offer the visitor. And unlike most of the guidebooks we won't turn our noses up at the big resorts like Magaluf and Cala Millor. People travel to these resorts precisely because they do not represent a huge step into a cultural unknown. They represent excellent value and can be enormous fun.

Of course we hope that reading about Valldemossa, Palma or the Formentor Peninsula will persuade you to get out and about and see more of what Majorca has to offer when it's not trying to be a warm version of Britain. It is such a manageable size that even a week's holiday will suffice to allow you to sample the mountains, the plains, the medieval streets and, of course, the beaches.