Property costs in Mallorca Majorca Spain

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Undoubtedly more expensive than mainland Spain, property in Mallorca can differ wildly depending upon which part of the island you invest in. The southwest of the island tends to be the dearest, as it enjoys the highest demand. Year long sunshine, a great infrastructure and wonderful amenities are just some of the reasons why people favour it so. A decent two bedroom apartment here should cost somewhere in the region of two to three hundred thousand euros, although that could stretch to two million, depending on features and location (everyone seems to be after a place by the sea). Villas, meanwhile, start from around the one to two million euro mark to, well, the sky's the limit.

However, not all beachside property has to be hideously expensive. A terraced house in Cala D'Or might only set you back 250,000 euros if you look around carefully. A one bedroom apartment in Santa Ponsa, meanwhile, might cost you as little as 150,000 euros.  

Many people are attracted to the privacy and seclusion of the countryside, and houses here are far cheaper than anything you can find on the coast. You might consider restoring or building your own property, which can be both satisfying and relatively inexpensive. Alternatively, you could snag a large, detached house for as little as 175,000 euros, although you'll have to search hard. That said, most freestanding properties sit somewhere in the region of 300,000 to 600,000 euros, extending up to three million, but if you consider you can easily pay that figure on the coastline, just imagine the return you'll get inland.

Here are some of the better real estate agencies offering property for sale in Majorca :

First Mallorca ( is one of the top agencies in the southwest of the island. They work largely through personal recommendations and offer the personal touch and bespoke packages to fit your needs. Tel: 0034 971 679 444

Established in 1966, Majorcan Properties Hoz has a good range of accommodation to suit a number of budgets. Based in Palma de Majorca, their properties span the entire island. Tel: 0034 971 725 047.

One of the leading real estate agencies in Majorca, Mallorca Residence has a number of properties throughout the island, offering a complete property purchase service. Tel: 0034 971 214 740.