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The weather in Magaluf is a key factor in tourists' enjoyment of their holidays because this is a resort where you need to be outside. It lacks museums, cathedrals and art galleries, and the rooms in the hotels and apartments tend to be fairly functional. To be surrounded by 600 bored Britons with children racing along the corridors and the rain falling outside would damage anyone's holiday spirit.

If the weather in Magaluf is terrible, your best bet is to head to Palma where there is far more to do indoors. But the good news is that the weather in Magaluf is generally decent: this is one reason why so many tourists come here. It can get very hot in the middle of summer, but the shoulder seasons are beautiful and the winters are mild, with the Serra de Tramuntana protecting the resort from the worst of the rains.

The average temperature in the resort fluctuates from 11 degrees in January to 20 degrees in April, 27 in July and August, 22 in October and 18 in November. However, on a really hot day in July the temperature can rise above 40 degrees.

Many older guests come at the beginning or end of the season when the crowds are thin on the ground. The weather in Magaluf can still be amenable in October and November, and you can sit outside in shirt sleeves and shorts during the day. However, you might start to find the unheated pools and the sea getting a bit chilly by mid to late October.

Spring is a good time to visit because the temperatures are not so high as to discourage all physical activity. The Serra de Tramuntana is accessible from Magaluf and a day's hiking or cycling sets you up for an evening out sampling the bars.

The nightlife does not suffer too much when it's raining outside, but it is part of the Magaluf experience to stroll along the Strip on a warm evening, fighting off the touts and watching all the other tourists.