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Air Malta has grown considerably in strength since its first flying days in 1974 leasing two Boeing 720B's from Pakistan International Airline and flying to only seven European cities. The major turning point came eight years later when Air Malta secured the purchase of three aircraft which rapidly became the backbone of the fleet. Air Malta now has 12 aircraft serving over 35 destinations in countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and estimated annual passenger numbers exceeding 1.7 million for both its direct chartered and scheduled flights. As the national airline and the one that has to spend the most time there, Air Malta had a significant part to play in the planning of Malta's International Airport, opened in 1992.

May 2004 saw Malta become part of the economic union and this opened all sorts of doors for the airline. They instantly took the opportunity to operate European flights between Calcania and London Gatwick. Once established the airline began to offer chartered flights from the UK to numerous European destinations. It was also around this time that Air Malta launched their budget no frills airline, known as Fare 4 U, which offered flights from Malta to Stansted England and Cologne Germany.

Almost since it was established, Air Malta sought to diversify, and it now has a number of subsidiaries reflecting the parent company's operation. Their first step was to set up Holiday Malta, a tour operating subsidiary in the UK, the most financially significant branch of the market. This is now the largest Malta specialist tour operator in the British Isles and provides year round tours to Malta, Gozo and Comino. Following this, Air Malta diversified into the accommodation side of holidays and hotels; The Crowne Plaze Malta and the Hotel Mercure Selmun Palace are Air Malta's two major hotels, with many self catering complexes also under the Air Malta Group. Air Malta also deviated into areas as varied as catering and insurance.

More recently the air line has seen some restructuring and streamlining, which includes the reintergration of their budget airline, in response to the general global situation such as the slowing down in passenger growth trends, increased airline competition, increasing operational costs and alike. Despite all this, Air Malta continues to be the main operator of all flight services to and from Malta.

In terms of customer satisfaction, Air Malta used to seem a bit haphazard. Unilaterally, Air Maltas is praised for being on time. However, that's where the similarities seem to stop. Whilst some customers praised the food and the attention of the attendants, others spoke of dirty, shabby aircrafts, unhelpful staff and unsatisfactory food. Looking at a recent survey of over 5700 passengers cnducted by Which? magazine dated 23rd June 2010, it would seem that Air Malta has taken note of these comments and have improved somewhat, as they ranked 3rd place for the best shorthaul passenger airline which flew out of the UK.