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Bugibba Holiday Complex, Malta hotels attractions

Bugibba makes up the majority of the urban sprawl that is Malta's largest tourist development and holiday complex. Deliberately built as a British home from home, it is package holiday heaven, and though not Malta's most beautiful or inspiring place, it's certainly the busiest. Bugibba is a lively place where the main focus is bars, restaurants and clubs, all of which it has in abundance. During the busy summer months, Bugibba's nightlife is buzzing and the place truly comes alive after dark. Aside from nocturnal adventures, there's not a great deal to do in Bugibba other than lie around in the sun, float in one of the many lido's lining the sea front, or be towed around the bay on a selection of inflatables.

Bugibba's main street Islet Promenade skirts the rocky coastline and passes the town's most popular bathing spot. There's not a grain of sand to be found however, and the rocks can be hard on bare feet. The web of streets leading inland from here is usually jammed with cars, tour organisers, cheap souvenir shops and cheaper restaurants.

Bugibba is a great location from which to explore the rest of the island. It's a convenient spot, and being such a massive tourist area, it's very easy to get in to and out of. Buses run frequently to most of the islands attractions so if you fancy a bit more culture than Bugibba can provide, you're only a hop away.