Renting a Farmhouse in Malta Malta

Renting a Farmhouse in Malta Mediterranean Destinations

Today, parts of rural Malta still reflect its agricultural past but the number of farmhouses tells us more about the extent to which this was once a country centred entirely on farming. Step outside the tourist resorts and the countryside is dotted with farmhouses, some of which are still in use but more are increasingly being converted into holiday rental accommodation. Due to the rural location of the farmhouses, they are a great option if you want a peaceful retreat. They are invariably set in the consistently quaint villages dotted around Malta such as L Iklin and the highly sought after Attard.

All the farmhouses on Malta are sturdy, stone built properties, some dating back as long as 400 years. Many still have their original features such as wooden beams, stone arches and open fireplaces which give the properties a truly rustic feel. The farmhouses may be old and traditional in style and design but they all sport the facilities necessary to attract 21 st century guests. A complete fitted kitchen, a barbeque for outdoor entertaining, a laundry and of course the essential swimming pool come as standard in most farmhouses in Malta, and every effort is made to install these in a subtle manner, as close in keeping with the character of the property as possible.

Most Maltese farmhouses are of a decent size, some will sleep up to 16 people. As the property is rented as a whole, the greater number of beds you fill the cheaper it will be per person. Rental prices vary depending on location, and the size and style of the property. Rent is usually done on a weekly basis but most will offer discounts if you rent for long periods of time. Tourism in Malta is slow during the winter and prices can be as much as ten times less than high season prices. The shoulder months are also significantly lower so if you can travel outside the summer months you can make a considerable saving on property rental.