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Health and Safety Malta Mediterranean Destinations

Malta is an extremely safe holiday destination, so with a few sensible precautions you should by all accounts have a happy, problem free holiday.

Travel insurance can cost as little as a few pounds, but it's important to make sure your level of cover is appropriate for the type of holiday you're having. A weekend break on the beach will require less cover than a couple of weeks sailing or scuba diving.

A reciprocal agreement between EU countries means that citizens can receive reduced cost medical care on production of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Application forms for the cards are available from British medical centres and post offices nationwide.

No vaccinations are required to visit Malta, but it does pay to bring all the prescription medicine that you'll require with you when you enter the country this includes antihistamines and contraceptives. Pharmacies in Malta are open from Monday to Saturday and a few may be open on Sundays.

No vaccinations are necessary for a holiday in Malta, but precautions are necessary to protect yourself from the island's summer pest mosquitoes. Arm yourself with plenty of insect repellent for a bite free holiday. Don't forget to shield your skin from the Mediterranean sun with a high protection sunscreen of at least SPF15+.