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Prior to the island becoming part of the EU in May 2004, it was practically impossible for the non Maltese to get a job in Malta. Now, any EU national can get jobs in Malta and local Maltese companies are actively encouraged to employ EU nationals.

Some countries, including Canada and Australia, have a reciprocal arrangement with Malta that allows the issue of 1 year multiple entry working holiday visas to young people under the age of 30. This provides the opportunity for citizens to appreciate a different culture, and promotes understanding of different ways of life. There are three different types of permit available; business, family and student. The one you apply for is obviously dictated by the kind of work you intend to do. Details of the different permits are available from all Maltese Embassies.

For someone from a country outside the EU, and one without this reciprocal arrangement, obtaining a work permit Malta is virtually impossible. On such a small island, finding a suitable job at all is not an easy matter. The government tightly controls the labour market so unless you can find a company willing to employ you and can prove that a local worker cannot do the job, you're unlikely to be granted a working permit. The only exception to this is complex technological projects and companies that need translators for non European languages.

If you are eligible to work in Malta, some jobs are easier to obtain than others. The ones offering the highest salaries are computing, sales and translation work, although this salary will still be low by European standards. You'll find jobs like this advertised in newspapers such as the Times of Malta and the Maltese Independent, but it's also worth contacting local recruitment agencies. Seasonal work in bars and restaurants is always plentiful though jobs like this tend to be advertised in the venues themselves so will involve some serious traipsing. The Maltese are a friendly bunch and getting to know them is one of the best ways of finding work. Networking, word of mouth and persistence do pay off.