Diving in Malta Malta

Although people have been coming to the island for years to experience the history and culture of Malta, diving is a relatively new addition to its repertoire of offerings. In Malta, diving is as good as anywhere is the Mediterranean and its reputation is constantly growing.

The Maltese archipelago offers excellent diving for both experienced and novice divers, for those looking for open water, cave or wreck dives. With the islands sheltered bays, natural harbours and dramatic cliffs, a variety of dive sites are in close proximity so the exploration possibilities are endless. The sea bottom radiates out from the island in a series of steps, thus offering a range of diving depths. The island is mainly limestone, which has eroded to produce a spectacular seascape punctured with caves and swim throughs.

Malta has no tides and only minimal currents so the diving is safe and constantly available. The stillness of the water means that the ocean bed has remained intact and visibility is excellent down to 30 meters. The ocean offers an array of colourful and interesting marine life; expect to see octopi, conger eels, groupers and even flying fish set amongst a colourful coral backdrop.

For experienced scuba divers looking for something a little different, consider diving on one of the several wartime wrecks close to shore, the "El Faroud", a 105 meter ship lying at a depth of only 35 meters at the Blue Grotto. Night diving is also exhilarating as the phosphorescent algae glitters in the moonlight and the nocturnal underwater world comes to life.

Diving in Malta is easy. Most of the dive sites are close to the shore meaning you can drive virtually to the waters edge, kit up and walk into the sea. Boat diving is also popular and as the island is so small, any site is easily within distance of your hotel.

Scuba diving comes with a few rules in Malta, the majority of which are universal in the diving world. Anyone under the age of 18 must have written permission from a guardian in order to dive; divers with a PADI open water qualification or equivalent may dive independently; those without need to be accompanied by a Malta Government registered instructor. The island has a well developed infrastructure for divers and a reputation for safe, interesting dives. Diving in Malta clearly illustrates and quickly justifies the island's long held title 'The Jewel of the Med'.