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Hotels in Malta cheap rooms to luxury 5 star resorts

The majority of visitors to the island are package tourists and Malta's hotel scene reflects this. There are a good number of hotels on the island but due to their steady clientele, they all seem to fall between the moderate to high class bracket. There are surprisingly few hotels that cater for the independent traveller. The number of tourists visiting Malta has shot up over the last two decades and the construction industry has flourished. High rise impersonal hotels now line every bay and are often block booked by package tours for the summer months.

In recent years, demand by the more discerning traveller for something other than the package tour hotel has led to the construction of several luxury hotels in the islands more exclusive districts like St George's Bay. Although they claim to be superior to the package tour hotel, there is often nothing more 'Maltese' about them, and they too are largely self contained resorts. There are a number of 'village' style hotel complexes which can range from the cheap and cheerful to the luxurious. These are self catering clusters within a hotel complex environment with all its accompanying facilities and amenities.

The cost of Malta hotels fluctuates considerably with the time of year. From November to March (Christmas and New Year aside) the island is quiet and hotel rates often a bargain although some resorts in the less popular areas of the island close altogether during the winter months. The high season, covering June, July, August and September can see prices rise by as much as ten times the low season price.

The lion's share of Malta's hotels are located in the north of the island, with an additional concentration around the capital and St Julian's. It's important to think carefully about where you want to base yourself as getting around is not that easy. Unless your budget covers the cost of hiring a car, you might find yourself forced to take massively overpriced taxis or be left to the mercy of the islands slow and inefficient public transport system. Think carefully also about what's in close proximity to your hotel. Whilst staying in the lively heart of St Julian's may be great during the day and evening, the noisy bars and clubs are likely to have you reaching for the earplugs.