Malta International Airport Malta

Malta International Airport

Malta International Airport was only registered as a company in 1991 but Malta's aviation history had begun over 70 years before (http://www.maltairport.com The island's geographical location made it the perfect location for military aircraft to land and refuel during WWI, and soon after the war it began servicing civil aircraft. Air traffic increased as new airlines introduced larger, safer aircraft, and with the introduction of the jet aircraft cutting flying times, more and more people began travelling by air.

The foundation stone of Malta International Airport was laid in 1989, and by 1992 it was fully operational and Luqa Airport, home of Malta's aviation industry closed down after 35 years. In 2003, almost 3 million passengers passed through Malta International Airport and it handled 32,000 different aircraft movements.

Malta International Airport is located 3 miles southwest of the capital Valletta and getting there has been made simple. If your booking agent did not arrange your hotel transfer on your behalf, you'll find most of the major international car hire companies including Hertz and Avis have branches at the airport. Please bear in mind, however, that you may need to reserve cars in advance during the main holiday season. A taxi booth is also located at the main entrance hall from where pre paid taxis can be booked to anywhere on the island. For the cheapest option, jump on the number 8 bus to the capital which leaves regularly from outside the arrivals terminal.

Malta International Airport has a good amount of facilities with which to greet the tourist on arrival. Banks, bureaux de change, a post office, telecommunications centre, several restaurants and shops and a left luggage desk. Although there are no hotels at the airport, the Tourist Information Office will have all the information you need about he islands hotels and how to book them.

With its tourist development, flights to Malta are easy to come by. With many major airlines now serving the island, scheduled and charter flights now operate from most European capitals. Malta's national airline, Air Malta has the lion's share and maintains its dominant position be offering flights to and from cities in North Africa and the Middle East as well as Europe. You'll be hard pushed to get a direct flight if you're coming from further afield. Its likely you'll need to fly to a major destination like England or Dubai and pick up a connecting flight to Malta from there.