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Package Holidays to Malta tips on picking up a good deal

Over the past decade holidaymakers have begun to tire of the staple diet of Spanish package resorts and started to look further a field. And Malta hasn't looked back. Just like Majorca, Malta has plenty of sun and sand; just like the Costa Brava, Malta has a plethora of bars, inexpensive restaurants and cheap accommodation. It was inevitable therefore that when people were thinking of Malta, package holidays would spring to mind. Malta now has a blossoming tourism industry that forms the basis of the economy both on the mainland and the smaller surrounding islands.

Package holidays to Malta are on the up, British holiday makers are flocking there in their thousands and it's easy to see why. Malta's position in the southern Mediterranean guarantees clear skies, hot summer days and long hours of winter sunshine. Malta's history stretches back to around 5000 BC when the first settlers arrived on the island. The Neolithic era left its mark; the island boasts the oldest freestanding stone structures in the world, but the more prosperous times of the Knights of Malta are what identifies the island's skyline today. Under the control of the British for nearly 150 years, Malta retains plenty to make the British holiday maker feel at home.

Valletta is the country's capital, and no trip to the island would be complete without strolling the narrow cobbled lanes, reaching for your camera to record some spectacular scenery and soaking up the capitals plentiful history. But it's St Julian's that has seen the most tourist development in recent years of anywhere on the island. The rocky shoreline is now lined with hotels and apartment blocks to suit all budgets. In the centre of St Julian's is Paceville, the heart of Malta's nightlife. This bustling place is a long standing favourite with tourists and locals alike.

Anyone hoping to book a package holiday to Malta should do so as soon as possible as flights get booked up early, especially if you're hoping to travel during the most popular high season. Some companies do reserve some spaces for last minute travellers however, so if you've left it late you still might be lucky. If you want a package holiday with specific trips or hotels, your best bet is to head for the high street as nothing beats the personal touch.