Renting a Self Catering Apartment Malta Malta

Renting a Self Catering Apartment Malta Destinations

Do some research into the island and think seriously about what you want from the holiday. What you want from a rental apartment in Malta's party capital St Julian's will be very different from what you want if renting in rural Gozo.

Once you've made your decision on location you can start to think about what's on offer in that area. The Internet will come up with a wealth of companies offering self catering apartments. Contact a few, get them to send you the details of a number of different properties which you can then compare.

Ensure you ask the company about neighbouring properties. Arriving to discover you're next to a building site or local bar will not be the best start to your holiday.

Think about what facilities you'll need. The sea breeze and proximity to the beach might make a pool unnecessary if you're renting on the coast, but with temperatures soaring in the summer months, if renting inland, it will be worth the additional money. Check there's at least a local shop nearby where you can purchase some daily goods.

Read the rental agreement carefully. Ensure you know exactly what comes with the property and what you'll have to pay for, especially where damages are concerned. Note arrival and departure times so you're not stung for an extra day.

Check over the accommodation as soon as you arrive. Check everything is there that's meant to be and inform the owner if anything is missing or damaged. Fail to do this and it'll be you paying the cost of a replacement.

If you're renting anywhere but the major towns, consider hiring a car as public transport may well be a little thin in rural areas, and after all, Malta has a lot more to see than just your self catering apartment.