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Sliema is a suburb extending from southern St Julian's. Once the home of Malta's aristocracy, a Sliema address still holds a certain degree of cachet amongst the upper echelons of society. This mainly residential area provides a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of Valletta and the noise and bright lights of St Julian's.

In the early 1800's, Sliema consisted of little more than open fields bordered by crumbling stone walls. Over the next 50 years, things changed rapidly as the British began building villas and holiday homes slightly outside the capital, and Malta's upper classes followed suit. As Valletta's population grew, more and more people sought to escape the overcrowding and by the mid 1950's, residential areas extended to the north, engulfing Sliema. The people of Sliema, quick to spot the tourist potential, began a building boom that was soon to take over the country, and Sliema became was the first tourist resort on Malta.

Whilst neighbouring St Julian's caters for Malta's nightlife, Sliema ensures it is dressed well. The main shopping streets, Bisazza Street and The Strand, contain more than 600 shopping outlets packed with the latest designer clothes just waiting for the unsuspecting visitor to stroll passed. If you manage to resist the shops, carry on to the top of The Strand and you'll be greeted with spectacular views of Valletta across the bay. The skyline glows golden at sunset and its many churches are illuminated after dark. Tower Road, Sleima's other main street, is a strange mixture of luxury apartments with spectacular views, and noise from the construction sites behind and fumes from the traffic that seems to constantly jam it. Still, being seen on Tower Road is high on the list of priorities for the Maltese young crowd so the cafes always busy and the streets awash with strolling pedestrians.

Accommodation is easy to come by as hotels and high rise apartment blocks are constantly under construction. Sliema picks up the accommodation overflow from Valletta as people can use the fast, regular ferry service that shuttles between the two. Every available space in Sliema is now filled by an apartment block or hotel leaving little room for anything else, including parking space. If you've hired a car, expect to spend a great deal of time in Sliema sat in traffic jams and parking virtually impossible.