Renting a villa in Malta Malta

Renting a villa in Malta Mediterranean Holiday Destinations

As the capital city, Valletta is one of the island's property hot spots and a great place to rent villas in Malta. Founded by the Knights of Malta is the 16th and 17th centuries, this is an aristocratic city named by Unesco as 'one of the most concentrated historical areas in the world'. The perfect place for someone wanting to explore both Malta's past and also enjoy the bars, restaurants and atmosphere you'd expect from any European capital.

Additional treats await the history lover in the beautiful walled town of Mdina. This quiet, refined place echoes times gone by. Its high walls insulate it from the noise and developments found in much of the rest of the island and give it a distinct feeling of being lost in time. Mdina is the closest you'll come to experiencing what Malta was like in centuries past.

If you want your holiday activities to focus mainly on nightlife, then look no further than cosmopolitan St Julian's. As the nightlife capital of Malta, St Julian's is not for the faint hearted. The numerous bars and clubs stay open throughout the night and fill with both tourists and locals. In recent years, St Julian's has seen a massive increase in tourist developments so rental accommodation is easy to come by.

Serious beach bums should head to Mellieha Bay, although not if you're after some peace and solitude. Expect to share island's largest stretch of sand and sea with windsurfers, snorkelers and lots and lots of people.

Those looking to escape the crowded beaches of the mainland might want to think about renting a villa on Malta's sister island Gozo. This tiny island has a soothing air of exclusivity and refinement. Come for the beautiful coastal scenery, some of the best diving in Europe and a slow, relaxed holiday but if you're looking for an active nightlife you may well be disappointed.