Cheap Flights to Moscow Consumer Insight

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Since Russia has come in form the political cold it’s never been easier to find cheap flights to Moscow. Any passengers who had the misfortune of flying into soviet Moscow (pre 1989) will remember their choice of airline being limited to the national carrier and sky high seat prices. However, modern day Moscow has thoroughly embraced capitalism, competition is rife and ticket prices are now lower than ever.

The Internet is prime hunting ground for tracking down cheap flights, but you’ve got to know where to look. There are a growing number of online travel agents where you can pick up some great deals. However, the best bit of news is that the burgeoning no frills market has already got its sights set on the Russian capital. The cheapest seats are generally available to passengers who can either; book far in advance or take advantage of last minute deals. Even if you’re marooned in the ‘middle ground’ it’s still worth looking at late flight web pages as they often sell discounted seats months ahead. While the Internet continues to go from strength to strength the majority of flights are still booked through high street travel agents.

Moscow is served by five airports and it’s worth checking where your flight lands before handing over any credit card details. You can reasonably expect the cheapest flights to use the furthest flung options (such as Domodedovo Airport 48km south of the city) and you may find that any savings made on flights quickly disappear on added transport costs on arrival. If possible; head for either of the Sheremetyevo Airports (SVO 1 and SVO 2).

It is generally accepted that when you first arrive in a country; the chances of getting ripped off are fairly high. Lamentably Moscow is no exception and adamant taxi drivers will often double, or even triple, fares. The solution is to bargain hard and establish a firm price before leaving the airport. You’ll also find a number of buses, although timings can be erratic and journeys problematic if you have a lot of luggage.