Faro Hotels Portugal

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Prices for hotels in Faro change depending on the season, with August being the most expensive month, followed by July, then May, June and September together. Out of season you can find that prices are reduced dramatically and there are some good bargains around for the taking.

It goes without saying that you need to book in advance to secure a room in one of Faro's hotels during the high season. However, if you do fly here with no secure plans, the airport's tourist office (turismo) would be a good place to start looking for a hotel room. Bear in mind that it is not really in their remit to find you a hotel, so if they are busy they may well be unable to help, and that you will have to pay for calls made on your behalf. The two tourist offices in town are more likely to find you a room in Faro at short notice.

The area north of the harbour is probably the best part of town to find the most decent pensões or hotels. There is also a campsite at Praia de Faro, which is not at all expensive (under €2 per night!) but can, for that reason, get rather crowded.

The Hotel Eva at Avenida da República 1 (289 803 354) overlooks the marina and old town. Rooms cost over €125 and have balconies, and there is a pool and restaurant on the roof. The new Residencial Algarve at Rue Infante Dom Henrique 52 (289 895 700) is comfortably equipped whilst retaining a traditional feel, and for the most part a room in July will cost you less than €100.

In the under €60 category there is quite a wide choice of hotels and pensões, all with different atmospheres and styles that range from modern and spartan to more cosy and traditional. Some have balconies, cable TV, phones, ensuite bathrooms, high ceilings and period features or more basic accommodation. As a general rule if you pay more money you get an ensuite, but do ask if there are cheaper rooms with communal bathrooms as then you can stay in a decent hotel even when on a tighter budget.