Flights to Faro Portugal

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It is not difficult to find a flight to Faro these days and in fact the budget airlines offer a number of good deals on cheap flights to Faro, as it is the main entry point for the Algarve. You will find numerous flight operators online, all offering discounts, cheap advance bookings and flights to Faro at give away prices. Do not forget that high street travel agents are in a good position for last minute deals as well as the online companies; so keep your eyes peeled for two weeks away at a snip of the usual price. You just need to be ready at a moment's notice!

With the increase in competition for travellers, the major airlines are finding it necessary to lower their prices on popular routes to holiday destinations such as the Algarve, and so getting a cheap flight to Faro does not necessarily mean that you cannot fly in comfort and get your complimentary gin and tonic en route.

With both major and budget flight operators, to get the cheapest seats you need to be quick off the mark and book early, as the economy seats are the first to get snapped up. In order to really get the lowest prices it is useful if you can be flexible with dates and leave on a Wednesday, for example, rather than a Saturday. Furthermore, the time at which you leave can drastically alter the price of the ticket. If you are prepared to leave at six in the morning or ten at night rather than at a more usual time of day, you will find that prices are reduced to reward your courage. Don't forget to check that transport to and from the airports is running at that time of day, however, as you don't want to be stranded 10km out of town at some ungodly hour of the day.

Having arrived at Faro airport, there are a number of options for getting into the town centre or on with your journey. You might want to consider car hire if you plan on discovering the region without being constrained by bus timetables, and there are several options open to you if that is what you choose to do. An Aerobus shuttle operates hourly from 9am to 8pm from June to October, except on Tuesdays, running from the airport into the town, and it is free for airline ticket holders. Just show your ticket when you board. Local buses 14 and 16 also cover the route more frequently until 9pm. Taxis will whisk you into the centre more comfortably, and generally cost between €8 and €15.