Flights to Lisbon

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Finding a flight to Lisbon and, indeed, a cheap flight to Lisbon should not be particularly difficult these days. The plethora of online, discount, budget and cheap flight operators means that the consumer is well placed to find a bargain. Yet, finding a bargain flight to Lisbon does not mean that you will have to compromise on quality either. The major airlines are finding it necessary to compete with the discount operators and so are reducing their prices accordingly. You can thus find a flight to Lisbon that will allow you to arrive in comfort, having eaten the complimentary meal and drunk the mini bottle of wine, and begin your holiday to Portugal as soon as you set off from home.

To benefit from the best deals on flights to Lisbon, and Portugal in general, you should book as early as possible as the economy seats tend to go first. The more flexibility you have with arrival and departure times and dates, the more likely you are to get a flight for a reasonable price. Alternatively, leave it until the very last moment and you can sometimes get some extremely good deals as companies try to fill up their remaining seats. In peak seasons though, you may find it hard to get a cheap ticket as seats could already be taken.

Once you arrive at Lisbon airport you are about twenty minutes away from the city centre, to the north of town. The quickest and easiest way to reach the city is by taxi, providing traffic conditions are good, but at a cost of €70 or more it is not the cheapest option. Taxis charge a couple of euros extra for baggage, and tariffs are higher from 22h00 to 6h00, at weekends and on public holidays.

Much cheaper is the Aerobus, which runs every twenty minutes from 7h00 to 21h00 and takes you from outside the terminal to Rossio and other central squares. The ticket costs under €4 and allows you to travel on buses and trams in the city for one day. Even cheaper are the local buses, but they are less convenient if you are laden with bags.