Flights to Porto

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When you get a flight to Porto, whether it is an international or domestic flight, you will undoubtedly arrive at Francisco Sá Caneiro Airport. The airport is 12km northwest of the city and you can fly here from around 30 international destinations. There is usually at least one direct flight every day from London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Brussels and Amsterdam.

You may find it difficult to obtain a particularly cheap flight to Porto as the budget airlines do not tend to fly there. However, with some careful planning and advance booking you can benefit from the economy fares on the major airlines that do fly there. Try booking at least three months ahead to secure the cheapest seats, as these are the ones that sell fastest. If you are able to, fly early or late in the day as these are less popular times to travel, or fly mid week rather than at the weekend for similar reasons.

Try and be as flexible as possible with your dates and then the airline will be able to find you any remaining cheap flights to Porto that they have.

With the onslaught of budget flight operators these days, especially online operators, the major airlines are finding it necessary to compete and are consequently bringing down their prices. It is generally cheaper to buy a return than two singles, so flying to and from the same airport is cheaper than going to a different airport for your return flight. If you follow the above guidelines, and try shopping around on the high street for a good travel deal, you should be able to find a cheap flight to Porto and still get your complimentary glass of wine on the plane.

There is an AeroBus between the town and the airport that runs every half an hour and costs under €3 one way, or is free if you fly with TAP Air. This bus will either drop you at your hotel or a suitable bus stop, and tickets are valid on local buses for the rest of the day (until midnight). On the shuttle bus it can take up to an hour to reach the centre when there is a lot of traffic, but normal journey times are around 40 minutes to Jardim da Cordoaria near the Universidade building. Alternatively, you can get a taxi to the centre for something in the region of €15.