Holidays in Portugal

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If you are looking for Portugal holiday ideas, then look no further. This section aims to fill you to the brim with enthusiasm for Portugal, its potential for brilliant and fulfilling holidays, tours and experiences no matter what your budget. For the Portuguese, holidays are a natural part of their calendar.

Many festivals and traditions have been upheld so that there is a rich array of ferias throughout the year, no matter when or where exactly you choose to visit Portugal. Holidays to look out for are around Easter, when festivities in Braga are particularly magnificent, or June 12/13 and 23/24, known respectively as St Anthony and St John’s Eve, which are celebrated throughout Portugal. In Porto St John’s Eve is feted by people dancing in the streets all night and hitting each other on the head with plastic hammers! When such crazy traditions exist in Portugal, holidaymakers can’t fail to get into the festive spirit.

Some of you may be on a tighter budget than others and this section has several ideas on how to cut the cost of your holiday in Portugal. It is not one of the most expensive places in Europe and so it is really very easy to organise a cheap holiday if you are prepared to shop around for good deals. You might want to opt for a package holiday if you are short on time to organise things yourself, or perhaps the idea of a tour based on a theme such as golf or wine appeals to you. Whichever you choose, Portugal has lots to keep you busy and a rich and varied history to boot.

And if that is not enough to get the creative juices flowing, here are a few ideas of what not to miss that will make your Portugal holiday all the more special:

Rock formations in the Algarve; Bom Jesus do Monte church; the traditional village of Óbidos; the Gulbenkian museum with ancient and modern arts; Douro valley vineyards; the 5200 doors and 2500 windows of the Mafra convent; mountain walks in the Serra da Estrela; splendid accommodation in one of Portugal’s pousadas; football matches in Porto; the university town of Évora; a beer on the beach side along Portugal’s 830km of coastline; the sandy beaches of the Algarve…the list is endless so take your pick.