Property for sale in Portugal

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How do I find property for sale in Portugal?

There are a number of tried and tested methods for finding a property for sale in Portugal. Obviously, a trip to Portugal to look at a few properties is essential, and any buyer is urged never to buy a property without seeing it first. There is really no substitute for seeing a property with your own eyes as, no matter how glossy the agent's brochure and description may be, the photos will inevitably cut out that tree that blocks light into the garden, or the untidy neighbours, or electricity pylon etc.

Yet going to Portugal on a property hunt is time consuming and expensive. You are thus advised to do lots of research before you go, maybe even drawing up a shortlist of properties to view and arranging those viewings before you leave. Look at the market in depth. If you know which area you want to look at, concentrate on that area but also take a peek at surrounding areas to build up a bigger picture. Use your pre trip research to narrow down the choice of property for sale in Portugal until you have a geographical area to look at, a price range and a style of property. Having spent time doing your homework, you are more likely to make progress when you then go to Portugal for a week or two for a reconnaissance trip.

These days it is easy to find information on properties for sale in Portugal: the difficulty is whittling it down to a manageable amount of knowledge. The three main places to look when searching for property in Portugal are the internet, print media and property exhibitions.

Internet whatever you do, don't actually BUY a property over the internet. You must go and see it first, complete the (somewhat lengthy) buying process and sign contracts in person. The internet is a valuable search tool, however, and can help you to narrow down the selection of properties you want to visit. Search for specific types and locations, for example 'apartment + Algarve + Portugal', or 'villa + Sintra + Portugal' to get the best results, or try searching in Portuguese for more specific regional sites.

Papers look in the Sunday papers for property adverts and in specialised property magazines for even more information about property for sale in Portugal.

Property exhibitions run throughout the year and, though not geared specifically towards property in Portugal, there is usually a stand dedicated to it. They are a useful way of meeting people in the business who can give you advice, collecting addresses of places to do further research and of building up your knowledge of the market, though it is rare to actually find a property to buy at an exhibition.