Self Catering Portugal

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In Portugal self catering is a very popular option for holidaymakers and there is a huge range of self catering style accommodation in Portugal to choose from. You might decide upon a self catering villa if there are several of you, or a self catering apartment or cottage is ideal for couples and smaller groups. There is self catering accommodation available all over Portugal, from the Algarve up to Minho, and so finding it is really not a problem. Turismos (tourist offices) in Portugal are happy to help you and may provide lists of accommodation, but they are scrupulous not to recommend anything in particular. Listen out for recommendations from friends or at work, and read reviews in the travel papers, as these are good ways of narrowing down your choice of self catering options in Portugal.

One of the reasons for the popularity of self catering holidays in Portugal is that it often works out cheaper to organise your own food, choosing when to eat out and when to cook at home. You might even want to prepare a budget in advance and try to stick to it, which is a great help if you want to cut down the cost of your holiday. Apart from the economical advantages, self catering means that you can eat what you like, when you want to eat it, which is helpful with children who do not want to try the local delicacies.

Another motivation for choosing a self catering holiday is that you have a wider variety of choice in the style of accommodation available. You can literally choose from any type of accommodation from a tent to a castle, an apartment to a cottage or villa. Your choice will largely depend on the size of the group and budget, of course, but within each price range there is usually a large spectrum of options. Villas might come with sea views, a swimming pool or direct access to the beach. Some self catering apartments in Portugal bear a resemblance to hotels in that the rooms are cleaned for you, but you have a kitchen of your own. This means that being on a self catering holiday doesn't necessarily mean doing chores and housework like you would at home, which is surely one of the things we are trying to avoid on holiday, but it still ensures your freedom of choice about when and what to eat.