Vacation Rentals in Portugal

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When you are planning your holiday, look into vacations rentals in Portugal as this type of accommodation is really growing in popularity, and for a number of good reasons. Vacation rentals mean that you hire a property for one or two weeks (sometimes more), usually from Saturday afternoon through to the following Saturday morning so that the owners have time to clean it up before the next guests arrive.

Organising vacation rentals in Portugal could mean dealing with the owners directly, or going through a specialised agent. In the case of going direct to the owners, the internet is inevitably involved because they often advertise their properties online, but you should also keep an eye open for adverts in the Sunday papers. Look in the travel section’s classified ads and you will see several advertisements for private property rentals in the Algarve or Sintra, and this is a good way to see what is available. Agents also advertise their vacation rental properties online and in the papers, and you are more likely to find that they crop up on searches as well. Some agents deal with vacation rentals in Portugal specifically, but others will have properties on their books from all over Europe, giving you the chance to compare prices and what is on offer.

Vacation rental properties range in style from apartments in town to grand villas with swimming pools out in the countryside. Whether you want an idyllic cottage or a thoroughly modern apartment, there is plenty to choose from. One way of deciding, if you don’t already have a fixed idea, is to search for places with a certain number of beds, a specific set of dates, certain features (pool, near golf course etc) or a particular location. There are vacation rental properties in towns, in the countryside or along the coastline. The Algarve, in particular, has had a boom in the number of rentals that are available there as foreign buyers have been investing in properties throughout the region and then letting them as vacation properties. You will find that resorts tend to have more rental properties than the larger cities as a general rule, but certainly in Lisbon there is a growing market for apartment lets, which give you more freedom than hotels and a better insight into city life.