Vacations in Portugal

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No two vacations in Portugal are likely to be the same: Portugal has such a lot to offer the holidaymaker that you will have trouble deciding what to do next when you are on vacation. There are many possible aspects to a vacation in Portugal that you might like to consider before you set out on your travels. Yet going on holiday to Portugal does not necessarily mean planning things down to the last second. In Portugal, vacations happen all by themselves by dint of the wonderful mild climate, stunning landscapes, great food and friendly people, so all you have to do is turn up and relax.

There are many aspects to a vacation in Portugal. You could plan your Portuguese holiday around a theme, like a literary tour for example, or base your plans on an activity like surfing. Certain activities will have natural constraints, of course. If you want to do a lot of surfing or windsurfing in Portugal your vacation will have to take place near the coast somewhere, on the stretch above Lisbon maybe, or if golf is your prime goal then you might want to head to the Algarve where there is a huge range of golf courses for all abilities, from championship to beginner.

With such a rich history, Portugal has loads of incredible architecture and art to look at. Good things to look out for are examples of Manueline architecture, a highly decorative late Gothic style from the 15th and 16th centuries, such as the incredible vaulted roof of the Mosteiro dos Jéronimos at Bélem in Lisbon. Portugal has a wealth of art, from Palaeolithic paintings and carvings dating back 20,000 years near Vila Nova de Foz Côa, to thoroughly modern artworks at the Centro de Arte Moderna in Lisbon and the Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis in Porto.

Factors that may determine when you take your vacation in Portugal are the weather and tourist seasons. Those of you wishing to play golf, for example, may have difficulty choosing whether to avoid the high tourist season (June August) or the high golf season (spring and autumn). Golf prices are cheaper in the summer, but the towns are much more crowded, especially in the Algarve.

In short, as there is no end to the variety of scenery and activities on offer in Portugal, vacations can include every taste and preference, whether you are taking the whole family with you or just planning a romantic trip with your partner.