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The notorious Scottish explorer David Livingstone was the first to discover the African heartland in the mid 1800s. Ever since, millions of people have been captivated by the romance of exploring Africa. As one of the few remaining places in the world where wildlife can be seen in their natural habitat, setting forth on an African safari is far easier than ever before. Thankfully, although time has passed, the allure, beauty and mystery of Africa still remains intact.

In an age of travel where it is popular to visit increasingly remote and exotic places, an African safari allows your spirit of adventure to really come to the fore. This is the vacation of dreams, and one from which you will return with exciting tales and memories for a lifetime. Very few other destinations capture the imagination to the same degree, and allow people to surrender to fantasies of discovery and exploration.

Many vacation are geared towards lying on the beach soaking up the sun. More recently the trend is away from this standard, and activity holidays are becoming more popular. People are increasingly becoming aware of the possibilities an African safari offers, and safaris are no longer the realm of just the rich or the brave.

Above all else, the appeal of the African safari comes from the opportunity to see the wildlife roaming free. Anyone who has seen a lion in a zoo can never appreciate its true magnificence – only safari can allow the ultimate insight into this king of animals. In addition to the lions, people always hope to see elephants, cheetahs, rhinos and giraffe. Although this is never guaranteed, few people return home disappointed.

One of the main reasons so many people can now realise their dreams of an African safari is that there are now an array of highly professional tour agencies who are available to help plan and book the trip though. Pick the company who provides the right level of service for you, and you will ensure that your safari meets your high expectations. Certain tour companies cater for families, and others specialise in the most basic accommodation if you are travelling on a shoestring.

There are some misapprehensions about the quality of accommodation available on African safaris, and long gone are the days where the only option is a tarpaulin tent and a hastily dug ablution hole. The African safari lodge has rapidly become ubiquitous to most safari destinations, and you can easily stay in five star luxury at night, whilst jaunting through the savannah by day. These lodges also provide fantastic adventure activities, such as fishing, kayaking and horseback riding, making the safari a truly rounded experience.