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African Lion Safari Recommended National Parks

When you consider a safari in Africa, most people immediately think of seeing the majestic lions. With so many documentaries on this proud species, it is no surprise that people seek an African lion safari when they plan a trip to this amazing Continent. There are plenty of safaris available that focus on spotting lions, but the best ones combine this experience with tracking other wildlife and exploring the unique African landscape.

The lion has nearly vanished in the West of Africa, so tracking lions on a safari is most common in either the East Central or Southern regions of Africa. Big game exists in strong numbers in all of these major safari destinations, and focusing on a lion safari should not be difficult. However, your overall experience will be greatly enhanced if you also include the other elements on offer during your stay.

Kenya and the Masai Mara

In the East of Africa, the best lion safari countries include Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. Each one has enviable national parks which prides of lions call home. In the Masai Mara in Kenya you can see the distinctive lions with their black manes, but this region is also famous for the greatest animal migration on earth, when over two million wildebeest cross the region in search of new pasture. This is truly not to be missed, and you should plan your lion safari during this season as these large predators eagerly try to pick off the weaker wildebeest as they pass.

Tanzania and Serengeti Lion Safari

Tanzania offers spectacular lion spotting opportunities, due to the fact that the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are located here. The massive wildebeest migration passes through the Serengeti from the Masai Mara, so this destination can include this important event. The Ngorongoro Crater has been hailed as an ‘ Eden’ and rare wildlife has evolved in this unique environment. You could also take time out from lion viewing to visit the famous Mount Kilimanjaro.

Southern African Adventures Kruger and Etosha National Parks

Zambia provides a good lion safari experience, but mostly for the more advanced safari tourist due to its remoteness. The South Luangwa National Park has many large predators, and the presence of the Zambezi River allows extra opportunities to spot hippos and crocodiles.

In the Southern regions of Africa, the best lion safaris can be attained in South Africa and Namibia. The Kruger National Park in South Africa is enviable in size as well as abundance of large game. It is easy to visit whilst also spending time in the wonderful urban areas soaking up the South African culture. Namibia can be described as a desolate place, but this truly unique landscape allows an alternative safari experience. Etosha National Park has an excellent lion population, and areas of Damaraland are renowned for the endangered black rhino’s presence.