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African Safari Vacation Trip Recommendations

Few trips can compete with an African safari vacation. This mystical Continent is unchallenged in scope and scale, and the wildlife that roam the savannah draws thousands of visitors every year. There are safaris designed to suit all expectations and most budgets. If you are considering a safari in Africa, it is well worth your while doing as much research as possible before you book your vacation.

The Internet is a superb place to read about what each country has to offer, and most reputable travel agents offer online booking facilities. However, there is so much choice that it is difficult to make a decision when you can book only one trip! For this reason, we highlight below some of the best destinations we have discovered to help you narrow your search down.

Kenyan Safari across the Serengeti

Firstly, Kenya is a popular choice for first time safaris. The word ‘safari’ actually originates in Kenya, and the tourist industry is professional and offers excellent levels of service. The famous Masai Mara region is known as the ‘Jewel of Africa’ and is home to high concentrations of the larger game animals. If you are aiming to see the ‘big five’ of lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino, this is an excellent place to visit. In addition, this region plays host to the largest animal migration in the world when millions of wildebeest cross the Serengeti each year. Don’t book a safari without considering a visit during this migration season. Kenya is also famous for its palm fringed beaches, which span over three hundred miles of shoreline. It’s easy to combine a safari with a couple of days relaxation on the white sands.

Tanzania Wildlife Vacation

Far fewer visitors come to Tanzania, but it is fast becoming the most desirable safari destination. Mount Kilimanjaro is located here, and vast swathes of the Serengeti are also in Tanzania. You can observe the wildebeest migration in Tanzania as well as Kenya, and can include trips to the mountains and villages around Kilimanjaro. The lesser known Ngorongoro Crater is spectacular – the largest unflooded caldera in the world, it is home to most large game you could hope to see on your safari. If you enjoy diving, Chole Bay’s coral reefs reveal unique species of marine life.

Trips Further South

We strongly recommend that you consider a safari vacation that encompasses a trip to Victoria Falls. On the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, this World Heritage Site is spectacular in every sense. The Falls are often included on safari itineraries as a starting point, so look for opportunities where you can make the most of your stay by taking part in adventure sports on the Zambezi River, or peacefully relaxing in the tiny lodges on the river’s banks.