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African Safari Tour Holiday Itineraries

African safari tour itineraries vary greatly depending on the holiday you book. However, there are vast similarities between them, and you can expect certain things to be included no matter which African country you visit, or which tour operator you book through.

Firstly, a representative of the Travel Company will either meet you at the airport, or if you are booking a no frills vacation, you will need to arrange your own transfer to the lodge or hotel. If you are flying into the safari zone, far from the international airport, the company may meet you to transfer you on to a small internal flight.

Once you have arrived at your accommodation, most hosts plan for you to depart on your first safari drive as soon as possible. This may mean a late afternoon or early evening excursion. Over the course of your stay, there should be as many game drives arranged as possible. There are many added extras at most lodges, such as swimming pools and top class restaurants, but the purpose of your visit is to see the wildlife. If the game drives are not inclusive, ensure that you book as many as possible during your stay as it is not always guaranteed that you will see the animals you are most hoping will appear. The more safari drives you plan, the better your chances of ticking all your wildlife boxes, most particularly the ‘big five’.

You are likely to be woken early each day of your holiday and served a simple breakfast, often on the veranda of your lodge. Early mornings are the best time to spot big game, particularly leopard, lion and giraffe, and safari drives are likely to start soon after sunrise. Large mammals tend to sleep through the heat of the day; so this may be your best chance to watch big cats stalk their prey or tend to their young.

Typical safari tours will also include activities such as a walking safari or night safari. Both of these are fantastic opportunities to see a different side to the African bush, and you should ensure that your stay is long enough to include these elements. The walking safari is lead by an armed tracker who can reveal natures’ secrets. You are able to get close to some of the smaller wildlife such as reptiles, birds, insects and the smaller mammals. The night safaris allow you to view the nocturnal animals, especially the big cats on the prowl.

This holiday itinerary can be covered in three days, but most safaris last between seven and ten days to allow you to relax a little. On a longer vacation, expect a day or two devoted purely to relaxation or for trips to local towns and villages.