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African wildlife safaris can be very varied, and it is worth taking the time to research the ideal trip for you. Everyone has expectations as to what they will see when on safari, and although there are many ‘standard’ safaris which include viewing general wildlife, the destination and itinerary of each package will determine exactly what is included and whether you will return having achieved your ambitions.

Firstly, you should consider what landscape you will see on your safari. Some countries are blessed with more striking scenery than others, and some destinations will allow you to visit sites of global significance. If you are hoping to see truly desolate terrain, Namibia is an excellent choice. Its barren landscape and vast desert ecosystem is unique – even in Africa. However, if you are hoping to see some of the ‘sights’ of Africa, you may wish to travel to Tanzania. Home to the striking Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania has more than its share of spectacular sights. This is also the location of the Ngorongoro Crater, hailed as a living Eden, where you may also spot Masai tribesmen tending their cattle. Many first time safari enthusiasts make a beeline for the Serengeti with just cause. Located in both Tanzania and Kenya, this area’s vast grassy plains often reflect the common images of Africa. Victoria Falls, located in Zambia, is also a popular destination due to the immensity of the waterfalls and the wetland ecosystems around the Zambezi River.

Kenyan and other Wildlife Park Treasures

The primary reason for any safari is to view the wildlife, and Africa is certainly blessed with abundant big game and rare species. Bear in mind that some destinations are better for seeing certain animals, and make sure that you will not be disappointed by the absence of any of your favourites. The majority of safaris try to focus on the 'Big Five' of lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino. Nearly all visitors want a complete set of photographs which include these sightings. Most of the big nature reserves are home to these animals, but some are particular safari favourites, such as Kruger in South Africa, and the Serengeti and Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya and Tanzania.

Good safaris will also include a lot of smaller animals for you to see, such as monkey, antelope, hippo, gazelle and crocodile. Sightings of some of the thousand species of birds are also a strong element in most safaris, but there are specialist birding safaris if you are interested to an additional level. Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya is famed for its flock of flamingos, as well as white rhino, and is an excellent place to concentrate on bird watching in addition to the other wildlife.