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Cheap African Safari Self Drive Safari and Discounts

There is no doubt that a safari in Africa is an unforgettable experience. Allowing the traveller to explore the savannah and see magnificent wildlife roaming free is the ultimate vacation. However, it can appear that an African safari is seldom cheap, and many people are put off by their concerns that they will not get value for money.

The safari operators set the price according to the cost of accommodation, guide fees, meals and activities. Although it is possible to purchase your trip directly from the operators, it is more common that travel agents or tour operators will deal with consumers. They are offered bulk discounts from the safari operators, and are often able to offer discounts. There are various ways, once you understand how the market operates, that you may be able to reduce the overall price of your safari holiday.

Cheap African Safaris in the form of Discounts

Discounts are possible if you are prepared to make a last minute booking. Savings of around five percent are common when a cancellation requires a hurried replacement, and most tour operators are happy to pass this discount to the consumer. More commonly, value for money can be achieved by being aware of seasonal discounts. Low season is always cheaper than the busiest periods, but do as much research as possible to ensure that you will still be able to have the experience you were planning and do not return home disappointed. Finally, some safari camps offer group discounts if you are able to travel in a party of six or more people. This applies particularly for extra adventure activities such as river rafting.

There are several options that can also ensure that you gain the maximum value for money on your safari. For example, self drive safaris are cheaper than lodge safaris. This means that you will save on the cost of a guide, but you must be confident that you are able to navigate well, and track the animals you are looking for without help. For those who are happy to experience a shorter safari, it is easy to join a guided safari in a national park. This is excellent value for money, but you would be restricted to following the designated routes and may miss opportunities to go off road.

All inclusive safaris at African lodges are acknowledged as the best all round experience. They can be extremely expensive, but they often provide excellent value for money nonetheless. Usually included in the price is the accommodation, all meals and two safari drives per day in four by four vehicles. Some companies also include drinks and guided walks, and the one thing you can be certain of is that you will be treated to exemplary service and hospitality