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There is a lot of preparation that needs to go into booking your safari holiday. As well as choosing the best destination, location and itinerary, there are a number of things you need to think about before you go, and make sure they are packed into your suitcase or rucksack. As well as those crucial items such as first aid kits, binoculars and camera, your safari clothing really can make or break your dream holiday.

"Khaki clothing, though stereotypical works best!"

There are a number of essential items of clothing that you will need if you are embarking on a safari. There are also many items, which although not essential, may make your time in the great outdoors easier and more comfortable. For starters you want to pack only neutral colours. Bright colours can attract unwanted attention from the wildlife and pale colours show up the dust and dirt. Blues and blacks can attract tsetse flies, which is bad news as they have a hard bite. It has become traditional to stick with browns and khakis. It is also recommended that you do not wear camouflage clothing – if you are not in the military you could be arrested for this offence. All of your clothing should be made from lightweight fabrics for your comfort, and to keep your luggage from weighing you down.

Essential traditional items such as a hat and a safari jacket and vest are described in detail in our other articles. As well as these, it is recommended that you take three outfits of trousers and shirts. The long sleeves of the shirt and the full leg trousers will be beneficial for the cooler mornings and evenings, and will protect you from the bush and mosquito bites. If you have trousers with zips, to transform them into shorts, this is even better. If not, a couple of pairs of shorts are useful too.

You should definitely pack a pair of comfortable, lightweight walking boots. But make sure that they are well worn in before your safari. There are other specialist items available, such as quick dry clothing or ‘scent elimination apparel’. Available from The Sportsman’s Guide, this clothing uses an ‘ionic bonding process’. This eliminates your body odour, so that the game cannot smell you…but perhaps a little more for the hunter than the observer.

The best intentions can be easily overlooked in preparation for your safari. It is best to compile a safari clothing checklist of all items that you will need to purchase and pack. This should include three pairs of trousers and three long sleeve shirts, a hat and jacket, boots, three pairs of hiking socks. Don’t forget your underwear and a bathing suit, casual comfortable clothing, shoes for the evenings, a belt and a couple of T shirts.