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Elephant Safaris Botswana, Namibia and Tanzania

The African elephant is the biggest land mammal on earth, and they continue to grow throughout their lifetime…the larger the elephant, the older they are. Despite their size, the soft pads on their feet allow them to move quietly through the bush, and they can ideally live a peaceful life – threatened only by man. It is easy to view elephants in many parts of Africa, and you can either join a dedicated elephant safari, or simply encounter these magnificent beasts on a standard big game safari.

Some parts of Africa have especially large concentrations of elephants. Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater is a remarkable wildlife haven, and particularly old bull elephants with enormous tusks make for an excellent safari experience. If you are interested in seeing big herds of elephants, areas around the Zambezi River (in either Zambia or Zimbabwe) attract herds of around three hundred elephants that come to bathe in the river and quench their thirst. If you travel in the dry season, there are likely to be the maximum numbers as they are drawn from nearby dried up waterholes.

Namibia is a very popular destination for those seeking the guarantee of a superb elephant safari. Etosha National Park is home to some two thousand elephants, which usually travel in bull herds or small family units. Don’t expect impressive tusks from these elephants though, as their growth is stunted by mineral deficiency, and what little tusks they do grow are often broken when digging up roots. However, these elephants are the tallest in Africa, and can often be seen spraying themselves with water – an excellent photo opportunity!

The desert area in the Northwest of Namibia lays claim to one of only two desert dwelling elephant populations in the world, and their larger feet and smaller bodies have adapted to this unique environment. Their numbers were severely diminished by hunters, but conservation efforts have helped protect the now six hundred strong herd. These elephants have great hearing, so safari visitors have to be extremely quiet in their vehicles to get a good look at them.

Elephant Back Safaris Alternative

If you would prefer to interact with elephants, rather than just view them, there are some elephant back safaris that can fulfil this ambition. The Abu Camp in Botswana has twelve elephants that accompany you on meditative walks across the floodplains. Travelling on the elephants allow you to creep quietly closer to much of the wildlife. There is a similar elephant camp situated close to Victoria Falls in Zambia. You are encouraged to interact with the elephants as much as possible – washing, grooming, observing and training them. Game viewing is also done on elephant back, or by walking alongside these enormous travelling companions.