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There most certainly is a specific type of hat you will require if you are going on a safari. Don’t be misled and think that you can get away with a baseball cap or basic sun hat, which may keep the sun out of your eyes, but will certainly not be sufficient for the job.

For starters, let’s make it very clear: You absolutely must have a hat. This is one of the most necessary items you will pack, so some consideration should be made when selecting yours. A specialist hat designed for use on safari should meet all of the following criteria. The brim should be wide all the way round. This not only protects your eyes from the sun but also your neck, especially the back of your neck. Arfican sunburn is one thing you will not want to be bringing home from your safari.

Your safari hat should allow you to perspire and absorb the sweat. It is no fun to have sweat dripping in your eyes when you are watching big game, nor is it very comfortable. Whilst absorbing your sweat from the inside, your hat should also be waterproof or at least rain resistant from the outside. This will protect you from those African storms and showers. The hat should be gas permeable. This means that it will allow heat to escape through your head and let your head ‘breathe’. With the soaring temperatures you would expect on safari, this ventilation is important to stop you overheating.

You will need a leather cinch strap or wind chord to keep the hat on in any gusts of wind. After putting so much thought and effort into selecting your hat, it would be a shame to lose it on the first windy day! Your hat could be made out of hemp – which as one of the most durable fabrics known, is tough, resistant and breathable, or maybe mesh, allowing that free flow of air. It may have other useful features, such as buoyancy or certified UV protection.

Next Generation A solar safari hat

If you really want a hat that has it all, Global Merchants have designed a solar safari hat. Not only does this use a solar evaporative air conditioning unit to keep you comfortable, but it also has a solar powered fan attached. Your hat should be relatively inexpensive and cost no more than any other good quality item of clothing. Always read the manufacturers recommendations as they will have included extra tips and ideas for getting the very most out of your specialist safari hat. If you make your selection wisely, not only will your safari hat serve you well in the bush, but you should be able to use it again and again in all kinds of settings and experiences.