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Kenya Safari Kenyan Lodges, Masai Mara and Ambolseli

The word ‘safari’ originates in Kenya, and this is the number one safari destination in Africa for good reason. Kenya is home to massive concentrations of wildlife giraffe, antelope, elephant and zebra, as well as the most diverse indigenous population in all of Africa. Kenya has a well developed tourist industry, and is able to offer excellent levels of service whether you are interested in wildlife safaris, bird watching, big game fishing or simply spending time on one of the stunning palm fringed beaches.

There are three main options for accommodation when you visit Kenya – camps, lodges or beach hotels. They vary in price, as well as the kind of experience you will have on your holiday. A big benefit of camping is that it allows you to have a number of bases during your Kenyan safari, and experience a greater variety of scenery. Many operators include stays in the Masai Mara and Ambolseli, staying in semi permanent but comfortable camps.

Everything is prepared for your arrival, and outreach tours are offered in two man tents that allow you a more hands on opportunity. However, guides and cooks are always supplied. Camping allows you to travel off the beaten track, and experience the solitude of the wilderness such as The Rift Valley where Kenya’s landscape is most spectacular. Tours of the two main game parks are also included to provide the chance to see lions, leopards, rhinos and elephants. The rare black rhino can also be spotted at the Nakuru national parks.

Safari lodge accommodation is ideal for people who do not want to travel great distances, but still want to see as much wildlife as possible. They offer luxury and comfort and allow the traveller to experience a truly first class safari. The majority of lodge safaris in Kenya are located in the premium safari regions such as the Masai Mara, and they include visits to Aberdares and Mt.Kenya with a night in a tree house to take in the nocturnal happenings. Lodges usually have spectacular views over the savannah, and it’s common to be able to view big game from the peace of the integrated lounges and bars. Many people opt for lodges due to the en suite facilities, and they may also provide a small swimming pool to enhance your relaxation. Safaris from the lodges are conducted in modern minibuses with everyone guaranteed a window seat, and attached roof hatches ensure perfect photographic conditions.

Kenya is famous for its stunning three hundred miles of shoreline on the Indian Ocean, and many visitors enjoy combining a safari with time spent relaxing on the beautiful white sandy beaches. There are numerous resort developments, many of which are five star. Combine a beach stay with a safari for the ultimate Kenyan experience.