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Safari Holiday in Africa

Finding a cheap safari holiday is not difficult, but it does take a little more patience and research than booking a premium safari straight from the glossy brochures. Remember that there are dozens of safari tour companies who will compete for your business – if you are savvy, and have access to the Internet, you are likely to find brilliant deals. There are a few tips we can provide to help you on your way and ensure that you book a trip of a life time, whatever your budget.

Firstly, be flexible about which country you journey to for your safari. There are many options in Africa, and you are likely to have an opportunity to view plenty of wildlife in most of them – particularly if you are a novice safari traveller. However, before you commit to a particular destination, learn about the political climate by calling the local embassy. Most African Nations with safari industries are safe for visitors, but there are occasional localised problems, which may account for a particularly low priced safari vacation. Budget travel is a fantastic way of joining a safari, but if the price is really too good to be true, there is usually a reason for this! Zimbabwe is particularly unsettled at the moment, and the racial tension is near boiling point.

Seasonal shifts in pricing may mean that you can join a good quality, or even luxury, safari for a fraction of the price if you don’t mind visiting during the less popular times of the year. Bear in mind the migratory patterns of the wildlife as you won’t want to miss any special opportunities, but off season trips have benefits such as less fellow tourists and more baby animals. The downside is that you may experience afternoon rainstorms, but they are likely to be short lived.

One basic way of reducing the cost of your safari holiday is to forego the added extras that would otherwise make for a luxury holiday. Many lodges and camps seek to provide the ultimate experience for travellers, and include things such as all meals, en suite bathrooms and unlimited drinks. By sourcing accommodation that is more simple, or negotiating with camps to remove the inclusive elements, you are likely to save plenty. If you are an adventurous type who enjoys backpacking, you would do well to consider joining a participatory overland tented safari. By pitching your own tent and joining in camp chores, this is the least expensive way to safari. Your shower is likely to be a bucket hoisted over a branch with rope, but you will see the spectacular wildlife on a shoestring. Finally, if you would prefer a luxury experience for a low cost, be as flexible as possible with your destination and timing, and try to take advantage of last minute cancellations